Gender Selection


IREGA IVF Clinic of Cancun has been grateful to benefit countless couples on the long journey of infertility and ultimately realize their dream of having a baby boy or girl.

Our most rapidly progressing IVF treatment involves the development of reproductive medicine to conceive a child of the desired gender.

Gender selection is a generative technology that can intensify the overall odds of having a desired gender. The overwhelming desire to balance the gender of a family is an increasingly sought after treatment here at IREGA IVF Clinic of Cancun.

Currently our gender selection involves PGD for separating X and Y chromosomes from sperm. Once embryos have been analyzed for both cell structure and DNA, it is possible to determine the sex. Embryos of the desired gender will then be implanted into the intended mother’s uterus using IVF.

Embraced by advanced research, our IVF team offers preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for screening of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities. Continuing advances have enabled us to identify genes responsible for physical traits, including inherited diseases.

Good Candidates for Gender Selection

IREGA IVF Clinic of Cancun offers gender selection for intended parents:

  • Family balancing to include children of both sexes
  • Rebuild a family after the death of a child
  • Fulfill a preference for children of one sex

Gender Selection Procedure

Using our advanced techniques, Dr. Mayra or Dr. Adan are practiced specialists in removing one cell from an embryo formed in our laboratory by IVF. An embryo biopsy using PGD allows us to conclude the XX-girl or XY-boy gender of any embryo with 99% accuracy.

On the third day, when the embryos have reached approximately 8-cell stage, one cell is cautiously removed from the embryo, and sent to our laboratory for chromosomal analysis. The remaining embryos can be saved through cryopreservation for use later or donated to others who struggle conceiving, also known as embryo donation.

Pregnancy success rates will depend on several factors such as the mother’s age, the embryo quality and the uterus condition.